Triathlete in the making


Bright and early the swimming leg commenced…

Looking for Rita in a Lake of identically dressed women, not so easy but we finally got it! Thanks to Ken’s keen eye.

See on that peninsula between the palm trees? That was Ken trying to keep an eye on Rita.

SO many women. Swimming 1/2 mile!

OPPS there she went. We were cheering so crazily that I completely forgot to take a better picture. Off to the BIKE!

Quick change and here she’s taking her bike down

Walking her bike to the start line (chip marker)

About to hop on

Pretty smooth sailing 14 miles!


Cheering section, Peter Cooke himself!

Done with the bike, starting the 5k!
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DONE!!!!!! With her sweet sister! Her card read, “Impressed, but not surprised” cool sentiment and true! Two years after knee replacement… doing this was a huge accomplishment. Doing it at all is a HUGE accomplishment. Congratulations Iron Girl Rita!


Rita and her friend Debbie who also finished!

I did it!!

And then we found a lady bug! What an exciting day!!!!!

Back at home — she was feeling great and even better with her bucket of corona’s and balloons awaiting her! Tom and Vonnie hooked her up.

Proud son, happy Mom.


I’ve been taking part in the annual even called Movember. It encourages men to grow mustaches during the month of November and rais money doing so. All the money raised goes to raise awareness for men’s cancers. If you’d like to sponsor me, it’s not too late.

Once the month is over, I’ll put together a video of my growth. One of the neat things that happened this month is that three generations of Cooke’s were photographed with mustaches. Enjoy:


Peter has come home

As some of you may already be aware, Our son Peter Maxwell Cooke, was born this past Tuesday, 7 July at 12:18pm. He was in the hospital for a few days because of the kidney problems we had mentioned to you all previously. However, yesterday he was released from the hospital and our whole family was able to be together at home for the first time.

We’re still shifting through the mountains of pictures, but we’ll post them to our Flickr page once they’re ready. Thanks to all the calls and direct messages with well-wishes we’ve received, and we’re looking forward to everyone eventually meeting Peter once we get settled as a new family of three.

If anyone wants to see him sooner, we might be able to do a skpye video call. our contact (and email address) is: kurtcooke (at) gmail (dot) com


Becky and I decided to take some family pictures. We’ve been posting a bunch on our Flickr page, but here is one you may not have seen. Mostly because we just took it today at the hospital:


That’s right, Becky’s pregnant with our first child, a little boy. We’re more excited that a simple blog post and a picture could show.

Broken Clock

Becky and I have this old portable digital alarm clock. We keep it in the bathroom so we can keep an eye on the time during our morning routine. Now, the clock is old and has been dropped one to many times. You see, part of the digital display is malfunctioning. It will show the hour digit just fine, and it will show the last digit of the minute just fine, but the first digit of the minute does not show correctly.
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Grocery Store Embarrasment

Becky and I are attempting to get serious with our finances. We do alright, but we know we could do better. Inasmuch, this past weekend we sat down and hammered out a budget. We’ve done this before, but it normally gets abandoned as soon as we see something shiny.
We are trying again. The first budget cut was dining out. We dine out a lot. Pretty much every night. It’s not that neither of us enjoy cooking, it’s more that we don’t enjoy planning and the overall time it takes. But that will stop. We will cook.
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Thanksgiving 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

This year we spent Thanksgiving with my mother and father in Las Vegas. Once we decided that we were going to travel for the holiday, we had to decide exactly how and when. In the past we’ve either driven our own car the over 300 miles, or rented a car for the long trip. This time, we decided to fly. Out flight was scheduled to leave Orange County at 18:10, but the flight was delayed more than an hour, so we didn’t arrive until 20:30. My father greeted us and we drove to my mother and father’s house where we were able to stay in the guest room for the duration of our stay.
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