May, June, July, August, September.

There’s a point when blogging that you have to decide if you life is an open book or an OPEN book. I’m going with open book.

Here are some summer highlights (for memory purposes).

Peter’s first trip to the dentist and cleaning! He got a mustache and a teeny tiny dog. Way to go 2 year old! IMG_5683

Clean teeth and a balloon on a huge toothbrush! The funniest part was when we pulled out of the parking lot and started down the street and the windows were open (not all the way and the balloon got sucked out of the window. Then Peter starts screaming, “My balloon” and the toothbrust was turned just so that the balloon wasn’t able to fully escape. So while driving I reach back to grab the toothbrush. Still
driving, I miss it and the balloon is sucked out and the giant pretend toothbrush is pulled out too. Panicking, I pull over and at this point the thing is in the middle of the street being ran over by passing cars. I wait and assess… I run in the middle to get it. While running back to the car, I realize HOW STUPID that was for SOOOO many reasons. Car on, Peter in it, my in the middle of a (VERY QUIET) street. Lesson learned.

Pacific Symphony Orchestra

My uniform this summer.

Happy guys

Tam and Kurt in Switzerland. Yes, Switzerland.

Kurt in Switzerland this summer, without me (and Peter). I don’t think either of us would have believed you if you said, “this summer, you guys are going to be taking two weeks vacation….APART!” But we sure did.


Don’t even worry, Peter and I had lots of fun while Kurt was gone. Mainly with the Farley’s!

Peter helped me VOTE and then we went to the zoo. “Take my picture with this monkey, Mom!” Peter said while posing like a gentleman.

The Park!

Sally and I the new and improved “Spice Girls”

Alien balloon hat from Ruby’s.

A couple of Iron kids!

Showering Carly and little baby Paisley (work edition).

My turn at the dentist. Yikes. I had my first big girl dental work. booo hoooo…

“Can we try on these shoes?” — “Absolutely, if I can take your picture!”

Fourth of July kids!(PS Goooo Angels!)

An essential part of the fourth, deviled egg making…

n”Choooo-Choo!” Blair with his funny hats…

Fireworks from the Pier!

Peter turns three… (AKA Dizzy Daddy birthday/uber sad because my Grandma just died birthday). We had plans to go to the train and repeat two year old birthday fun… but things didn’t quite go as planned but we had fun ever still at the Santa Ana Zoo!

THREE! Healthy and happy — what more could
there be?!

Flying back to Indianapolis because Grandma H passed away on July 5th.

Mom, Blair and I

The whole crew. Aunt Carolyn, Blair, Uncle Dick, Chris, Ben & Stacy, me, Mom, Aunt Vickie, and Katie.

Peter Pan, sneaking around at naptime…

A race Car Driver and a Pirate. You never know what you may find at my house.

Mickey cookie, downtown Disney.

“No, guys, I don’t work here! I live with YOU!”

Dad/Uncle Kurt explaining science and geography at the library! Kurt is the embodiment of patience and knowledge… a born teacher.

Early morning admission to California Adventure. We were the only ones on The Little Mermaid! Wheeeeeeeee.

I climbed this thing and about a quarter of the way up I got scared out of my mind. Thinking, “WTH was I thinking!? This is high and it doesn’t feel safe. Nah it has to be safe, it’s Disney. Hmm, scooting on my butt wouldn’t be
easier and I’d look like a wimp.” Then I decided to be a brave one and gut it out. I’m glad I did but there was MORE later. HAHAH. When I got to the top, Kurt was like, “Are you OKAY?” I said, “Yeah but I wasn’t before.” WAH!

So, we enjoyed a real Starbucks beverage at California Adventure. Look at their specially branded cups! Oooh Aaah.

My darling guys. Waiting for Merida!

Zoo trip! Frog sitta.

Dangerously cool moving crew. Helped The Farley’s move to Irvine last weekend.

Here’s to YOU blog reader/stalker/anonymous person or simply just future me. Enjoy this post and enjoy your fall!

I know I am planning on heeding the advice here:


I plan on making PUMPKIN everything.

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