My Grandma.

My Mother’s Mother.

We had a special relationship and I cherished her.

She passed away on July 5th two days before my dear son turned three. It was a sad time thinking about her loss because it reminded our family of the greater loss. For my brother and I it was a difficult loss because she was our last Grandparent. For our Mom, it was the loss of her mother.

My beautiful Grandmother congratulating me as we walked to the back of the after Kurt and I were introduced as husband and wife. A special memory.

Photos and notes and memories we poured through.

Her request, “lots of red roses” they were beautiful and she would have loved them!

Some beautiful sunsets over Indiana.



As a teenager, long before she was “Grandma”

My handsome Grandpa as a Senior in high school

Grandpa and Grandma’s first car!

Funeral day… a tough day but we were happy to be together!

A bright green field.

When I must leave you for a little while,
Please do not grieve and shed wild tears
And hug your sorrow to you through the years,
But start out bravely with a gallant smile;
And for my sake and in my name
Live on and do all things the same,
Feed not your loneliness on empty days,
But fill each waking hour in useful ways,
Reach out your hand in comfort and cheer
And I in turn will comfort you and hold you near;
And never never be afraid to die,
For I am waiting for you in the sky!

Helen Steiner Rice

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