Boulder City – Jamboree and History

We went out to see the Boulder City, Nevada: JAMBOREE! It is a nostalgic place and this trip proved to be a fun one.

Kurt and a Cactus. (He regretted this.)


Ken’s Grandma Cooke? Some thoughts on this are Kurt’s Grandpa says this was modeled after a photo of his mother. So I took a picture. Pretty cool either way.

The Jamboree featured SO SO SO many old cars. Here’s a yellow truck for a sample.

This wasn’t in Boulder City. It doesn’t belong here. But it was good. So I’ll leave it.

Tents and tents as far as you could see…

Rusty Pickle? Oh please. I don’t even know what they make. Nightmare on wheels, if you ask me!


Peter was able to spend some time with this tiny puppy so he was completely thrilled. Note the gentle technique. Very good!

…The best part of the Boulder City trip this time. THIS is the very place where Ken and Rita / Dad and Mom were married approximately 36 years 3 months and 3 days ago (from today)… and they’d do it all over again and again!

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