Girl Gone Child + Me + Twitter

I am a big time blog reader. I have been using Google Reader since 2006 or 2007…
I read blogs of people I know and people I don’t know (but wish I did). Or people I know but wish I didn’t… JUST KIDDING.

Anyway. This is about one particularly cool interaction with a famous blogger (14,000+ twitter followers can’t be wrong) that I had read for about 2 years now.

Here’s the deal – she makes me laugh out loud (and I do NOT ever say LOL). So, this one day, last week, I twittered to her and she twittered me back. That’s the story and I think it was awesome.

It was, you know, no big deal. But I thought it was rad. And then I thought I’d share it with the whole world.

A screenshot of her blog…

I tweeted to her… She TWEETED ME BACK! The coolest!

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