We got up quite early and headed over to drop off Peter at Grammie’s house.
See, the sun was just coming up for the day and little Peter was bundled up in the back!

Then Kurt and I went over to Mariners to meet our life group.

We carpooled to CAMP PENDLETON!

Then we were given our assignment and started to decorate. We decorated the Santa Claus/presents room. This is where the kids would line up later to see SANTA and receive a present.


There are SO MANY Marines at Camp Pendleton. Soooo soososososososos many. This is certainly not the only Christmas party for the Marines and their families. I know how many people there were at our party JUST to decorate and there were just as many during and after the party. I hope that the Marines and their families could feel our support through a few hours of party prep. With anything I am involved in, I always aim to leave “things” better than I found it. I know we accomplished that with this room. It went from “dance/workout” room to Santa’s little Camp Pendleton office. We didn’t even take any pictures of the other areas of the actual party… But it was a huge place they expected 250+ families.

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