Scary Blue Monster

Here he is… our cute, little, wonderful, best, guy.





I know that there is an INSANE amount of red-eye but I don’t care at the moment. Our retinas just happen to photograph beautifully. Perhaps I will fix it eventually.
EDITED: I did FIX (crudely) the red-eyes. 🙂

Pumpkin Carving

Ta-da! Guess who’s pumpkin is whose?


As we were scooping out the guts, Peter asked for a flashlight. So I came up with this. He loved it.


Don’t underestimate the value of a finely cleaned gourd.




The Pumpkin Farm

Hey guys, it is October so naturally it is time for stories of the old pumpkin farm.

Well. This year was even more fun than the last two years. First, we had legit cowboy boots so we dressed Peter up as a real farmer (or Cowboy). Second, Peter is a year older. Third, it was not as hot as last year.

Kurt took this photo using the “tilt shift” mode. Pretty fancy, looks neato.


Here are two of the cutest kids ever. In my completely unbiased opinion. ;)


Cooke family with our pumpkins!


Many more pictures on the Flickr page.

HBFD Fire Station Open House

We went and took a look at the HBFD open house. It included two demonstrations: the jaws of life and a fire. It was amazing.

They ripped the top off of a jetta and showed how quickly they can rescue an injured person.
Then they set a tanker on fire and showed how they can rescue the injured people and put the fire out safely.

It made me very thankful for the work they do. They are absolutely wonderful.

I suppose I didn’t take a picture of the topless jetta. This is the tanker. We were really far away but still the heat was intense.


Then we got a balloon.


We got to take a look at where they keep their jackets and hats.


Then the kids got to sit in the fire truck!


They let the kids turn on the hose and spray water!


Mom and Sally in front of a 1960’s fire truck. Pretty neat.


Summer Re-Cap

This summer we:









We ate tiny ice creams from Trade Joes.
We went to CAL TECH for a visit.
We went to the Aquarium of the Pacific.
We went to Peter’s first baseball game. Go Angels!
We met Elmo and the Count.
We went to Seaworld in San Diego.

If you haven’t tried them, go get some of those little cones. They are fantastic — especially for little kids. Very little mess and 100% satisfaction!
CalTech is an awesome West Coast nerd mecca. It is not a education whore like some schools (ahem, Cal State Long Beach) so many people haven’t heard of it. We saw where Kurt’s favorite physicist used to roam.
When we were in old town Pasadena, we ate at this place. While we were sitting there a guy and his wife walked by and Kurt said, “Look!” It was the actor Christopher Stanley, who plays Henry Francis on Mad Men. Then of course, we went to The Container Store! I actually went to help set it up when they opened. I was asked specifically to go. Fancy, oh, la dee dah.
The Aquarium of the Pacific was in a word, PACKED. Mix: a whole lotta people, heat, fish and you get a gross situation in my humble opinion. It was gross and I left thinking, I would not enjoy going to a while. (Plus, they don’t have animals doing FLIPS! More on that later.)
Grandpa wanted to take Peter to his first game. We discovered that Peter looks AH-MAZ-ING in a baseball hat. Oh and these were the stats of the game. It was serious amounts of fun. Peter had a blast with Grandpa and Grandma. Then there
was a home run. We celebrate big and BOOM fireworks!! So, Peter kinda-sorta freaked at the “NOISE, loud, MOM!” But never-the-less, Gooooo Angels.
Elmo and the Count were at Seaworld. Peter said, “Oh Count, beard and mustache.” It was a funny observation and completely unsolicited.
We ate lunch with a WHALE. Legit. We were at a table and oh hello whale on the other side of a thin sheet of glass, doing flips and tricks. It was called Dine With Shamu. It was cool. The last time I saw an Orca (aka Killer Whale) was on the Alaskan cruise. You know, as in, their natural habitat. Although, these show whales seem like they are having a pretty fun time, you know, minus all the seal killing they enjoy so much. Well, we need to see FLIPS!
On another note, the dolphin show was of course over the top. Again, please show us the FLIPS! So?…the Japanese people kill and eat these
. True, we saw that film too. But we Americans breed, raise and treat them like humans so that they can do FLIPS and tricks. USA! USA! USA!
Another sidenote/truth confession. I started watching Jersey Shore and I like it, sorry world. I know it is “killing books.” But as I snarkily replied (on Twitter or Facebook), “that’s okay, I have a Nook.

You know us… always having fun.

Please let me know if I can answer any of your reader questions on how to have an awesome fun time in life. Great thanks.

A September to Remember

This September my dear husband, Kurt, turned thirty! His parents and my mom got him this AWESOME BBQ Grill!

Here it is:


First meat heat:


Every 30 year old dude/dad needs their own grill, right?! YES.