Disneyland Trip #1,937*

First time to see the new parade. Here is Peter acting like a lion; hence the crazy mean face and scary looking paw.


Here are my handsome fellas in line for the Astro Orbiters. Peter was SO happy to ride on the Astro Orbiters again. We were having fun waiting and taught him “right” and “left” in line. (He’s so smart.)


Just before our launch. He was super thrilled. “Hi Mom!”


This was Peter’s first hand stamp. The cast member gave it to him for funsies. He was ALL about it, and frankly, I couldn’t believe he has never had a stamp (of any kind) yet.


Later on, we went over to California Adventure (“Disney California Adventure Park”) for some tiny kid fun. They are renovating it, and honestly, I can hardly believe that they can charge people to attend. BUT it will be great once it is done. Right now, it is pretty underwhelming especially near the entrance (but all over really). The Little Mermaid is almost ready, and Cars 2 land is getting ready, the structures at the front are making progress, too.
Back to the point… We really
wanted to take him to the “A Bug’s Land” (based one the film: A Bug’s Life, which we recently watched at home) area because those attractions are intended for super tiny people. In fact, 36″ tall was the requirement at the Tuck and Roll’s Drive ‘Em Buggies and I took a picture with Peter standing next to the sign.


We went on some really fun ones (not pictured), called Francis’ Ladybug Boogie, and Heimlich’s Chew Chew Train. There were more but we saved them for next time. It is a funny thing, even at Disneyland, the “bedtime crazies” clock in for the job.
So, we decided to make a dash for beddy bye.

*#1,937 was a rough estimate of how many times Peter has attended Disneyland, but it not an actual count.

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