New Shades, Cool Guy.

Lazy Sunday. This is how we rolled to our errands.


Pretty soon, Peter cried out, “BRIGHT, BRIGHT” and he put on his NEW shades. WOWOWOWOWOW. Cute ones, eh? He takes them off and puts them into his chair’s cupholder. Then it’s bright again and blammo, he puts them on again.


Disneyland Trip #1,937*

First time to see the new parade. Here is Peter acting like a lion; hence the crazy mean face and scary looking paw.


Here are my handsome fellas in line for the Astro Orbiters. Peter was SO happy to ride on the Astro Orbiters again. We were having fun waiting and taught him “right” and “left” in line. (He’s so smart.)


Just before our launch. He was super thrilled. “Hi Mom!”


This was Peter’s first hand stamp. The cast member gave it to him for funsies. He was ALL about it, and frankly, I couldn’t believe he has never had a stamp (of any kind) yet.


Later on, we went over to California Adventure (“Disney California Adventure Park”) for some tiny kid fun. They are renovating it, and honestly, I can hardly believe that they can charge people to attend. BUT it will be great once it is done. Right now, it is pretty underwhelming especially near the entrance (but all over really). The Little Mermaid is almost ready, and Cars 2 land is getting ready, the structures at the front are making progress, too.
Back to the point… We really
wanted to take him to the “A Bug’s Land” (based one the film: A Bug’s Life, which we recently watched at home) area because those attractions are intended for super tiny people. In fact, 36″ tall was the requirement at the Tuck and Roll’s Drive ‘Em Buggies and I took a picture with Peter standing next to the sign.


We went on some really fun ones (not pictured), called Francis’ Ladybug Boogie, and Heimlich’s Chew Chew Train. There were more but we saved them for next time. It is a funny thing, even at Disneyland, the “bedtime crazies” clock in for the job.
So, we decided to make a dash for beddy bye.

*#1,937 was a rough estimate of how many times Peter has attended Disneyland, but it not an actual count.

Tragedy and Reminder

This story happened nearby to Huntington Beach. In fact, so close to our house, we heard and saw the fire trucks and helicopters.

We drove past on Friday night and it was scary and sad. It may have been their summer home (many homes on the beach are used as rentals), true, but it was the loss of two homes never the less.



The fire authorities said that the cause of the fire was the BBQ on their wooden

Public Service Announcement!

Please be safe when you are enjoying BBQ, and other Summertime FIRE-related fun.

Be Fire Safe!

Making a Playdough smiley face is one of our daily traditions these days. It is amazing to watch his motor skills develop to such a fine level. Just think, two years ago he was a belly dweller. That said, still, a daily reminder of “DO NOT eat that” is necessary.



Tustin Garden Tour 2011

We saw some beautiful gardens and old homes on the Tustin, California Garden/Home Tour.

One cool thing– REAL CHICKENS. My favorite house — a craftsman style home to die for (if you are into that, and I am).

Oh and you learn something new everyday. I will teach you something. The first picture is of a flowering shrub called “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.”
Beautiful! They start out dark purple, then fade to lavendar-blue, then fade to white. All three colours are always present at the same time on the bush. Neat huh?!












10 May 2011

This day will be marked in our history as the day we got the greatest news!

Peter is no longer at risk for surgery! Let’s just say this… God answered our prayers. Praise God.

Here he is after his (last? no, probably not) blood work and ultrasound.


With an uncharacteristic smile on his face, the doctor said, “You are going to have a great day.” Then, he went on to tell us the specifics of what he saw and how we should proceed.

It is the thing we’ve waited for since February of 2009. Finally.
And we all breathed a huge sigh of relief. Or in my case, cried for 4 days straight. EMOTIONS.

How did we celebrate? We certainly went straight away to the In ‘N Out and got
some strawberry shakes.

Here is Peter taking his in faster than I’ve ever seen it. It was gone in three Los Angeles blocks (from Gayley to the 405).


Praise GOD!

–just keeping it brief.

Mother’s Day 2011

My third (one preg and two ‘real’ ones) Mother’s Day, technically. GUESS WHAT!?? Peter MADE me a card (not pictured). I cried.

Grandma Sharon and Peter.


Aunt Christie and Peter


Mom and me.


Christie took a super cute photo of Peter and me, that I
cannot seem to get onto flickr (my impatience)… so, that’ll come later.
So will the photo of my handmade card from Peter. 🙂