Baby Spock.


Live long and prosper.

I was looking at photos and noticed his hand gesture was looks like our favorite Vulcan.

Mom’s Bible History

At church my Mom cracked open her old Bible to reveal these on the back page and inside the back cover.


1985: 6 years old. I was really into fancy writing.
1987: 8 years old. In 2nd grade we learned cursive writing and everything had to be written in cursive. I was a fan of it. I like the extra work and the fanciness.
1991: 12 years old. I totally copied the way Blair made his “B”. It was so cool. He still has awesome penmanship.
1995: 16 years old. I added the heart and smile flourish.
2011: 32 years old. Twice as old as my last age. Wow. Added my married last name. Kept the heart and smile flourish.


Funny, my Mom wrote on this in printing except the July 1991 date (that is her real writing). She honestly prints like a weirdo– uppercase mingled with lowercase. This is how I know that she was printing so that I could read it. Until 1991, when I was familiar with her real handwriting.

It doesn’t seem like much but this is my tiny little life history inked in the back of this Bible. It is special to us.

You Are Special Today!

Growing up, my family had the You Are Special Today plate. So if it was your birthday, you got to use the plate, etc. This is really cool and made life more fun. Well, I wanted to continue this tradition with my own family. This Christmas, my Mom gave me my very own You Are Special Today plate AND a super rad gigantic coffee cup and saucer.

So I thought I’d share this with the world by setting it up and lighting my red Valentine’s candle (in its pretty hurricane) that my beautiful friend Carly gave me for my birthday! Say Cheese.




It’s a great family tradition and I am looking forward to using it to celebrate my very special people on their very special days.

Get yours here.
(Or at Sur La Table.)

Fact: This plate made me very fond of calligraphy. But that’s another story. SMILE.

PS, You are special today.

Tent Pajamma Party Time!

We have a day off and they played in the tent. It is a Peapod Plus travel bed.
Not only is it an awesome sleeping tent, it is also a super fun play tent. This thing has been bar none one of the best “baby gadgets” we purchased.

Some “smile for the camera” type smiles.

TV Time in Tent.

Some crazy smashed faces.