December 2010

Better late than never. I am going to get all he odds & ends on this one. (There are more December 2010 posts, I mean, later).


On the way to my running club… Nature’s beauty.



Mastering the FORK! Bravo.



We went to Disneyland several times! We do not take for granted our annual passes, the snow-less winter weather and how awesome it is to take trip to Disneyland. Here is the beautiful Sleeping
Beauty castle all “snowy.”


Daddy shoulder rides are all the rage.



We got a letter from circa 1979 Kramer Vs. Kramer Meryl Streep… I thought this was funny. Not Darfur, but the picture they chose.



My cousin Katie made us all hats, and Peter loves his most of ALL!



New shoes are the best. These little things are the cutest for my hip little boy. …Just like Dad’s.



Play-Doh is fun, every when smashing it is all you know how to do. Mom makes spheres and Peter squishes them.



Waiting for our turn for Christmas pictures with cousin Sally. Uncle Blair let them play
on his iPad.



Looking pretty fly in his serious winter hat (courtesy of: GAP Kids). We have fun times in Southern California’s rough winters.



Soup Night with Dad! One night when Mom was away at work, Dad let Peter feed himself some soup. We have some serious fun. Poor Mickey Mouse…don’t worry, he’s good as new now.



We spent some good quality time with Cousin Sally in late December. This is perfect since Aunt Becky and Peter are HUGE fans of Sally… and vice versa. So, this was a rainy day and we didn’t know what to expect drizzle or downpour… I had to make some makeshift rain gear and the kids were warm and dry. We went out to lunch like this by the way, too. I am not ashamed to cut holes in trash liners and put them on my precious little pals. Some fresh air and good food was the goal. Mission accomplished! How cute are they!?



Oh hey, it is December… so you GOTTA bake cookies. It sure helps to have a wicked awesome mixer. (My Christmas present from last year!)