Martin Luther King Junior

Today I am watching Sally since her school is honoring MLK2 day.
This morning I asked her if she knew why she had the day off. She didn’t know. I told her it is to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday. She didn’t know who he was and when I asked if she wanted to know, she didn’t really care. She’s five, so, I didn’t expect she’d know. It’s a pretty tough subject so I figured I’d leave it to her parents.
Reading through twitter today is like reading a jillion fragments of his speeches and reminders to honor his memory today.
When I was little the only real reasons I heard of MLK2 was from The Cosby show or A Different World and obviously because we got the day off from school. Ah, television, the great educator. Then in high school, and especially college, I had several opportunities to learn about him and his impact on humanity.
As a Communications Studies major, I studied rhetoric and the social environment of the civil rights period. I honestly could NOT believe what life was like prior to the civil rights movement. I could not comprehend why black people were treated so unfairly and that they couldn’t marry white people (or any other races for that matter) or drink out of the same water fountains (what?!). It took me a long way through life to even come near to understanding these inequalities.
Martin Luther King Jr., was not just an advocate of civil rights but of peace. His sermons, speeches, marches and movements are still reverberating in the hearts of people around the world.
I hope that people will take time today to read or listen to a speech and remember his life and service.
Read: “Love Your Enemies”
Watch: “I Have A Dream”


There are so many amazing, beautiful, cute, creative things on Etsy.
I got MOST of my Christmas presents from Etsy. (And spoiler alert: your birthday or this year’s Christmas present might be there, too.)
The thing I love about Etsy:
1) It is helping people be their own boss.
2) The items are handmade or vintage.
3) The items are unique. (see 2)
Here is something that is unique and very encouraging.

If you need encouragement today, let that be it!
AND… If you want
to peek at my favorites, looky here.

Weekly Oneliners

We went to d-land to celebrate mom’s b-day.
I made a schedule of events for the week.
Peter and I swept the garage.
Peter and I went on a walk before I went to work.
Peter and I cleaned the windows.
Still in progress.

32 Years… Young.





I’ve learned so many things to this point in life. The next 32 should be, WOW! So, I’ll be 64 (in 2043) I will about to celebrate 37 years of marriage, a grown son (33 years old), grand kid(s?), a full career & possibly retired, on and on… Hopefully I will be healthy, and happy. Here’s to being very special then!

First Photo of 2011!



Maybe it isn’t the fanciest photo, but it is a great metaphor for our new year and step one to our resolution to have more pictures of all three of us.

Santa Ana Zoo

31 December 2010: We went to the Santa Ana Zoo. We’d tried to get down to the San Diego Zoo a few times but it wasn’t happening, so we opted for a closer one. Albeit, the Santa Ana Zoo is Panda-less and far less superior; however, the animals there need visitors, too. We were happy to oblige.

Peter and me at the zoo.


The Butterfly bush


Camel Excitment!




lunch at Rutabegorz in Old Town Tustin. This place is amazing.


Carolin (“the white”) joined us. Isn’t she super photogenic!


Our waitress brought us this
apple pie with ice cream. Possibly the best apple pie and ice cream I’ve ever had.


Oh and Kurt got NEW glasses thanks to Peter. (Peter broke the other ones, irreparably.)


Then later that night we had a party Chez Nous. We served stuffed red bell peppers à la Becky et Kurt, warm BRIE with FIG SPREAD and fresh FRENCH BREAD, bacon wrapped cocktail sausages à la Christie, green tea mochi, oranges, stroopwafels, and cookies. Christie brough peanut butter balls. Agréable à déguster! (There is a terrible lack of photos on this subject, sadly.)