I have a heavy heart recently with regard to ADOPTION.

Two wonderful families I know are deep in the process. One is international and one is domestic.

I am praying for the financial support of the international adoption. Read the link here to hear Jen tell you about their NEED and how YOU (yes, you) can help. I reallywish that I had a ton of money to give but I don’t. So I will do what I can, which is tell you because MANY HANDS MAKE THE LOAD LIGHTER. I figure if all the people that occasionally glance at my blog give something$$$ we could help their new child come home. That will be so cool.

I am praying for
that the domestic adoption goes through successfully. I really am speechless with hope and mostly wordless in my prayer. All I can think of to pray is, God HELP! You can join in with prayer.

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  1. You are awesome. 🙂 You are part of my army! You hit it right on the head about many hands. We’ve seen it clearly! I’ll be praying for your friends adopting domestically! It has its own blessings and challenges. Thanks for everything.

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