iPhone Application

I got this super great iPhone application (because that is the full word for ‘app’. I think people have forgotten?) for Peter. It is called “Learn to Talk” and it has flash cards of high impact words, objects and labels, actors, one word and two word actions. The cards are hand-drawn and very whimsical, I think. Maybe it is the kind of pen and colored pencil art or the simply drawn faces…I don’t know but I do know Peter likes it. We look at it twice a day. Anyway, the first time I saw this card, I cracked up laughing.
I guess it is part of our vocabulary… it deserves a card. Hahahahaha.


Luckily, it depicts an iPhone 3GS rather than the iPhone 4 (since I have the 3GS), I wouldn’t want Peter to be confused. HAHAHA. 😉 WINK FACE

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