I have a heavy heart recently with regard to ADOPTION.

Two wonderful families I know are deep in the process. One is international and one is domestic.

I am praying for the financial support of the international adoption. Read the link here to hear Jen tell you about their NEED and how YOU (yes, you) can help. I reallywish that I had a ton of money to give but I don’t. So I will do what I can, which is tell you because MANY HANDS MAKE THE LOAD LIGHTER. I figure if all the people that occasionally glance at my blog give something$$$ we could help their new child come home. That will be so cool.

I am praying for
that the domestic adoption goes through successfully. I really am speechless with hope and mostly wordless in my prayer. All I can think of to pray is, God HELP! You can join in with prayer.

Peter’s Future Classmates

Just for a laugh I looked at the SSA names website for 2009. Here are the results. Peter’s classmates will have these names.
Peter comes in at #191, which is weird to think that there are other kids (1,981 to be exact) his age named the same thing. Pretty cool though, I guess.
Boys #436 is pretty devastating. It is hard to make “large claw of a bird of prey” someone’s name 633 times over. My guess is that the parents (yes, all the 633 Talon’s parents) didn’t know the meaning (or look it up). So, they’re off to a good start.
Really all the names down in the 400’s are starting to get weird. By this measure, celebrities kids’ names are in the 1000’s at least, hahahaha. It becomes obvious that people start getting ‘creative’ and straight up make their children go through life
suffering from a portmanteau of a name. I won’t call any ONE name out (but there are some doozies).
I am excited at the thought of him meeting little friends. Maybe he’ll befriend a cute girl named: Ruby, Sophie, Audrey, Brooke, Abigail, Samantha, Elizabeth, or or or… I like the girl’s names on the list.
Oh for fun I looked up Sally’s year and name… Now, SHE is an ORIGINAL! Not even in the top 1,000 names. But I think we already knew she’s a one of a kind girl! <3
Then, my year and name… Rebekah is #179. —- I could probably go through every member of the family all day long. I will restrain myself. But it is just so fun.
Go ahead, look your name up! Tell me what it is in the comments! 🙂

Kicking the Soccer Ball.

We arrived at church early but we spent the time well. Kurt and Peter played kick the soccer ball and ran around on the grass. Peter was able to investigate the slide and the other fun things without bigger kids mowing him down. It was one of those fun times that aren’t planned. I’m thankful for that place and our nice weather. Please notice that there isn’t a soccer ball in the photos because the kick was a success. 🙂



Family Photo!

We did our best to get this right. On this day, this was our best. I thought it was funny.


I have this new-found strength that I will not apologize for poor quality pictures, iPhone or otherwise, because at least there IS a picture. It’s the moment that counts. I encourage you to do that same.

Zoo Friends

We went on back to the Zoo, you know, since we are members now.
Here’s our monkey friend, the Golden Lion Tamarin. They fed these little guys raisins while we were there. They went crayyy-zaaayyy over them. AND it was cute. AND we liked them.


Funny, eh? We are name twins. (I wasn’t born in 1987, but the weight might be right. Ha. I joke..) This was on a big chart right by the Elephant rides. Becky was actually working that day. I took her picture but there are weirdos on her back I shan’t post it.




This is one of my most favorite pictures of Kurt and his parents.
We're excited in downtown Seattle

First their faces are too great for words. Ken and Rita are holding hands! Ken has a Starbucks cup (if memory serves from the ORIGINAL Starbucks! Top that.). AND we are in Seattle about to go on our Alaskan cruise. So yeah, that excitement was real! 🙂

iPhone Application

I got this super great iPhone application (because that is the full word for ‘app’. I think people have forgotten?) for Peter. It is called “Learn to Talk” and it has flash cards of high impact words, objects and labels, actors, one word and two word actions. The cards are hand-drawn and very whimsical, I think. Maybe it is the kind of pen and colored pencil art or the simply drawn faces…I don’t know but I do know Peter likes it. We look at it twice a day. Anyway, the first time I saw this card, I cracked up laughing.
I guess it is part of our vocabulary… it deserves a card. Hahahahaha.


Luckily, it depicts an iPhone 3GS rather than the iPhone 4 (since I have the 3GS), I wouldn’t want Peter to be confused. HAHAHA. 😉 WINK FACE


Kurt makes these amazing things with Buckyballs. These are little magnetic (very strong and dangerous) beads that you can arrange into shapes. Don’t bring them into your home with children or pets. They are a work desk toy – something in place of drawing doodles maybe.
Here is just one of many neato things he makes.


Here is Kurt sitting in his training class.

20 January 2010

Contentment Reminder.

Just today I was talking to Kurt about how I wished that I’d been more driven and focused when I was younger. He asked me why and all I could say is so I would be more successful now.
You see, it is easy to lament the laziness of my youth or of the decisions I made. The subject of MATH was my downfall from early on. I was talking to him about, well, really it doesn’t matter so I won’t bog you down with it. Anyway, as the conversation went back and fourth, I realized that the way things went was exactly as it should in my past. You see, Kurt was my math savior and taught it to me for the first time ever. Since I loved him so much, I couldn’t skip a tutoring session. Plus, I knew my college degree was depending on it. WHY all this? Call me immature or whatever you wish but it was the lure SUCCESS (you know, money, financial security, all the worldly trappings).
Who knew that twice, no, three
times, I would hear, “Well, this is ORANGE COUNTY” as a statement of approval to being materialistic? I certainly didn’t think I would within 1 week.
It is true that Orange County is wealthy but that’s a statistic. You know, with a distribution.
Here’s the thing: My lifestyle is not yours. Neither is my weight, my house, my family, my friends, my clothes, and so on– AND vice-versa.
Contentment says: “Good for you. I am me and I am glad.” That is what I am practicing. I encourage you to do it, too.

Whoever loves money never has money enough; whoever loves wealth is never satisfied with his income. This too is meaningless. Ecclesiastes 5:10


18 Jan 2011: Also Known As Winter

The knowledge that other places in the country are bundled up in the midst of snow storms is not lost on us. We take full advantage of our beautiful weather.
I’ll let the pictures speak the complete story.