Thanksgiving Trip to Indiana

We left the Monday before Thanksgiving. Mom, Blair, Christie, Sally, Kurt, Peter and I flew all together to Indianapolis. I won’t retell it detail by detail but suffice to say, it was a great trip. It was full of laughter, memories (old and new), but ultimately it was about THANKFULNESS. I am thankful that I was able to travel to a place that means ONE thing to me: FAMILY. It means so much to me to share it with my husband and son WITH my Mom, Brother, Sister(inlaw) and niece.

Here’s some photos that sum it up.



AC and MOM

The Leonards



Jake, Reagan, Sally and Peter

John is funny

Funny Marchers

Blair and Christie

Sweetie face


Oh look at Menards!

Grandma and Peter

We took loads of pictures. I made the vast majority of them available on Flickr.