Pumpkin Farm

Okay, let’s get started.

Pumpkin Patch is not the correct term. The place we went is called Tanaka Farms in Irvine and they are a real working farm. Their website and all the signs around the farm certainly indicate a strong message that (they want us to know) it is a “real working farm.” Well, it is. However there is a Pumpkin Patch within the place. There are several fun extras though on this farm.

It was super well done and super fun. We had an amazingly warm day but that yielded good times.

Start here!


We took a tractor ride (minus the hay). The sign says wagon ride but it was really a tractor.


We witnessed a pumpkin cannon launch a pumpkin. It went quite a distance. This was a highlight for Kurt because it was scientific and cool (in the same vein as MythBusters).


We had no idea what the petting zoo would be like for Peter. We went right in and immediately he was enamored with the experience. He loved touching the goats and the sheep. It was pure bliss to him as the pictures clearly show. Since my Mom’s family were farmers I knew that my Grandpa must have been watching from heaven with pride!

The Petting Zoo…












Long Time.

When I think about this web page, it makes me think of all the things I need to do. Like the photos and videos. It is a never-ending maintenance job.
I have a few nap time minutes left so I thought… Today is the day. Plus, the newest version of WINDOWS has a cool interface (interface? is that right?) with flickr. Kurt showed me that and now its even easier but still time consuming. Anyway…

So wouldn’t you know, today when I sat down to do it… the internet went down. I texted Kurt, “Internet down, life down.”

This is true. At our house the internet is TV, movies, internet itself (spacing is KEY to typing those two words otherwise it might become: intern e tits elf — that is a very common mistake), and the telephone.
So yeah, its kind of a big deal.

But, like some computer-style genius à la Steve Wozniak, I fixed it. (To be fair, I had already frantically texted Kurt, but I did it on my own!)

So now, I am putting some pictures “in the cloud” or “on the cloud” or “near a cloud formation” – needless to say, I am a computer whizz. GTD.
That means Getting Things Done in case you didn’t know. It is this whole movement of like-minded people and websites, apps etc. But I don’t need that.

So, for now, just know I am working on it. 🙂