Who You Are… Or Who Are You?

There is this worship song called, “How We Thank You” that is about thanking and praising God for “everything you’ve done and who You are.”

I’ve heard that song a bunch because I listen to that particular album about 79% of the time in the car. Only yesterday, I thought about that last three words of that lyric… WHO YOU ARE.

I have so many reasons to be grateful. Part of being grateful is looking at the whole situation i.e. see the action, give thanks, done… right? How often, though, are we thankful for the ACTIONS of God but not for WHO HE IS?

For example, when I go get my car washed, I see my car go in dirty and it comes out clean… I watch the man vacuum it, put it on the tracks, then a couple other guys chamois it, the a guys parks it, and another man dries it and cleans the windows and the inside of the car. Then I go
over and give him a tip, say thanks and leave. Do I ever think about WHO that guy really is? (I think if you did the tip would be much, much bigger.)

Same thing with other relationships… How do you treat your family and friends? Do you know them so well you have them “pegged”? If you already know them well (like you surely do), do you allow them to grow/change in your mind/life so you can learn to know them differently and authentically?

Did you ever consider the possibility that the problems in your relationships aren’t because you know them too well but that you don’t know them for who THEY are, but rather for who YOU THINK they are?

Maybe our efforts to change the way we relate to each other should be more along the lines of, “Who are you?” and less, “You are so _____.”

The BEST way to have a good relationship is to foster it through DIRECT communication. Have a conversation… be open and honest. Make your conversation about getting to know the other person/people.
Once you learn more about them, you can love others from a place of honesty. Then you can be thankful and grateful for who they are.

If you are thankful to God but you don’t know who HE is, the best way to start is to read His truth, by reading your Bible.

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