Peter’s First Official Haircut

Peter was born with very little hair. When it started growing in thicker and got a little longer his “bangs” looked weird. I didn’t want him to look sloppy, so I snipped it one afternoon at home. Then he finally got some good growth and the famous baby curls (most babies get these) started to form around the back and over his ears. While that is cute for a minute, he began to look like he had a mixture of mullet/girly locks. This would not do.

I called the kids salon for an appointment and we took him in for his first professional haircut.

It was a super cute place and he did pretty well.

Here he is in his little car, motoring. This is at the very beginning. Note the hair over his ears.


This is the nice lady who go to do the job. She was a NINJA. He barely even saw her. She was fast and quiet. …Not her first rodeo.


Then with the smock on amidst the snipping, still motoring.


The look of apprehension set in with the clippers over his ears. Then, he lost it, and he cried until we did our parental distraction techniques.


She put gel in it. That was a first. He looks much more neat and clean with his new haircut.