Regarding the last entry…

Yeah disregard that one. So the fever came back and got worse.
Friday morning, I took him to our pediatrician and he took a urine sample. It was a Urinary Tract Infection. The pediatrician gave him an antibiotic shot in the leg. He said that would do it. It did not. The urologist wanted us to come to the Emergency Department at UCLA. So we went. His temperature was 103.8 upon admission to the Emergency Department. Our doctor met us right away there in the Emergency Department. They did an x-ray, ultrasound, blood work, gave him an IV and a Foley catheter. The infection had gotten to his kidney. It was so key to treat the infection quickly because his fever was so high for so long and he was in horrendous pain. They tried one type of antibiotic and it didn’t work. We spent the night on Friday in the Emergency Department. We all three slept on the gurney. It was pretty brutal. Peter was burning up and in great pain.


Saturday morning around 10am we got a room upstairs. They tried a second type of antibiotic on Saturday which did work. His fever was gone by late night on Saturday into Sunday morning. Whew, a sigh of relief. The fever was gone, the pain was going away, but not gone. He had pain from the catheter and from the IV. The IV was installed in the elbow crook and it wasn’t taped correctly so it hurt him and the IV pump kept alarming with ‘downstream occlusion.’ We told the nurse that it needed to be fixed and she wrapped it so he couldn’t bend it. When they finally removed it moments before we left, we discovered that it was pressing so hard the there were 3 rows of cuts on his arm. Poor guy, that looked pretty bad. From Sunday morning until Monday morning, he felt so much better that we were all three able
to relax a bit. It had been so stressful the previous 3 days that the relief was very welcome to us all. We slept better (meaning at all) on Sunday night, hoping and praying the while time that we’d be able to go home on Monday. God heard our prayers because we were home by noon on Monday. We were so glad Peter was well and just looking back on it all – grateful for the doctors we have and the modern drugs that saved his life.

Here is Peter’s sweet face on the way home. (Melts me every time.)

Here are my guys when we got home. Ahh, home!

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  1. Becky, Kurt and Peter…..

    I always think it’s funny when people say, “i’m sorry” whenever I tell them about something difficult at home. It’s not like they did anything to feel sorry about, but when I was reading this post those are the words that came to mind. I guess it is just people’s way of saying they wish they could help share the load. I’m so sorry that you are going through so much anguish. I hope this is the last of it for you. I will continue to pray for his health.

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