7 Thoughts*

– Cheating celebrities/politicians should not be a news item. I don’t really care about Tiger’s 45th cheater lady. Or even about John Edward’s lovechild. Or if it must be mentioned do just that, mention it. We don’t need a panel to hash out the gory details. There are far greater items of importance on which we should focus our attention. For example, there are several people who need help in Haiti and people in Nashville who are by many account being ignored by the media.
– President Obama may not be your favorite guy, but he is the President. Respect that and give him a chance. In my opinion, he is working toward the goal of helping humans. His methods/laws/ideas may not be yours, but he is President and you are not. As Christians, we are familiar with this “God is God and I am not.” Let’s share the goal, helping humans and loving one another.
– Peter and I usually listen to music when we eat. It keeps him
happy. I’ll just turn on iTunes to whatever and we’ll enjoy music. As his personal DJ, I can see him react differently to different genres of music. I think he prefers 90’s rock to ABBA. But he prefers ABBA to Tupac. …I won’t get into all that now.
– I cleaned and organized the house today and it looks great. I am very good at organizing things. I love to do it. I get to do it at work all the time with my new post. I used to reorganize my co-workers desk at first without permission but then later she loved it and granted me permission, hahah.
– We bought “The Happiest Millionaire” on DVD. I watched it with Peter the other day. Tonight I am watching it with Kurt. Did you see it? Well, did you know it is a true story? It is.
– I love the weekends. I absolutely love my family. We get to hang out and do whatever we wish.
– The weather here on the beaches of Southern California is amazing. That goes without saying. It has been very beautiful lately and we have taken full advantage of that
by getting out everyday and doing something.

*because that’s all there was.

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