Thursday 30 April 2010

We had a bit of a scare yesterday. Peter had a fever. I called the doctor. He said to bring him to the ER at UCLA immediately. So Kurt came home and we went up there. The medical professional said, okay, its not related to surgery/his kidneys it is just teething. So we went and enjoyed LA by visiting The Grove. It was certainly not what either of us planned to do yesterday. I cannot explain the WORRY that overtook me. Let’s just say, as a parent of a baby with a health problem where a simple fever could mean permanent damage to his organs, yeah, I was scared. Thank God it was nothing. Thank God we were able to get there quickly and find out everything was okay. Then thank God we were able to “cool off” by exploring something fun.
Speaking of teething, he has two teeth and didn’t sleep much last night. This ought to be an interesting Friday.


First things first… I firmly believe that there should NOT be any reason for a child to need to go to the hospital. If I were in charge, I would change that one immediately. Sadly, I am not in charge and children and babies do, in fact, get sick and even some need surgery.

Now then, my baby is one of those who had a health concern and needed surgery. (I am realizing that it feels do good to use the words “had” and “needed” because it means it is all past tense.)
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