Keeping it Light & Salty

There’s a story here and a lesson to be learned.

Recently, I tried to engage in a relationship with another half-sister on facebook. (We live far apart and facebook would be the only means of relationship. Especially since my dad died.) That attempt ended yesterday following a very hurtful exchange directed to me (and my Mom and brother). Her message to me was purely based on her resentment/bitterness/jealousy from 40 years ago and her false beliefs about me and my family. The exchange started when she made a status update linking to an article about Christians. I responded with good intentions in truth and love by saying that just because we attend church doesn’t make us perfect people…but that’s not the point. Well, that led to her asking what Dad would have thought about the subject and then she
spiraled out of control into all of these judgments and accusations about things that happened 40 years ago. Without stating any specifics, she was hurtful and venomous. She made claims and statements that were horrible. I did not respond to that message – I couldn’t because I was overwhelmed.

After praying about it and discussing it with my support system I made the choice to “unfriend” her on facebook. Only, when I went to do so, she had already “unfriended” me.

After thinking about this over and again, I read my Bible: Matthew 5 and Psalm 139.

The link she posted (about Christians) is exactly what this is all about. NEWSFLASH: I am not perfect, nobody is! But I have a relationship with the God of the universe. He created me, he loves me and he offers me GRACE. I stood up for Christianity
to her on facebook. We are called as Christians to be “light” and “salt.” If I had kept my mouth shut this probably wouldn’t have happened; I would have a shallow meaningless relationship with a “sister” who secretly hates my existence and I would have walked away from an opportunity to witness to her (while sharing my faith). I am at peace with this because it is out of my hands.

SIDE NOTE ON DIVORCE: It can wreck children’s lives. It can wreck people’s hearts. One thing is for sure, it always hurts. It leaves indelible scars on your heart. BUT there is hope. God is a restorer, a healer and HE can make you new. I truly believe that. Christianity aside, (because some people who read this may tune out at the Christian stuff – I hope you don’t though) if you have this type of hurt in your life, you need to seek professional therapy. The pain of divorce can be unbearable without help. Going without professional help can make a bad situation (divorce, Maybe it isn’t actual divorce but
abandonment of some kind) even worse (addiction, repetition of pattern, depression, etc). You are worthwhile, ask for help.

SIDE NOTE ON CHURCHGOERS AND HATE: If you are a Christian who hates, please be aware that people are watching. They don’t understand God’s grace and they are completely off-put by you as a representative of Christ. You might need to look at it hard and make some revisions. Whether the issue is gay marriage, the President, immigration, any “hot-button” issue, we really need to treat others how Christ would treat them. Let’s not be legalistic and judging – that’s not our place ultimately. Love your neighbor, that’s what we need to do.

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  1. Becky~God have gifted you with writing skills that can (and I’m sure have) been used to further His Kingdom here on earth. Love you!

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