Current Events Post (Pictureless)

Just a few items below will update you on us. Enjoy.

~Effective 7 March 2010, Peter is 8 months old. Wow. He’s done so much in the past 8 months. He is a few months away from being 1 year old. But the next few months bring new challenges, exciting milestones and just plain baby stuff.

~Lately, Peter and I have done lotsa walking. I am eating right (meaning, no sweets). I did HAVE TO have a Shamrock shake the other night though. I had a small one though and I savored it because I won’t have another shake for quite a while. Believe me, I di not want to go to McDonalds, neither did Kurt. But we had to. The Shamrock shake beckoned us.

~Kurt and Peter have gotten some baby & Daddy time on the the evenings when I go to Hoag to work. I think it is great for them both and for me. It affects each of us in different ways but it all winds up being good for us all.

~Kurt and I gave Peter an AWFUL
gift for turning 8 months old…… a COLD. His very first illness. It was (and still is) horrible to see him sick. I hate it. His rosy cheeks are pretty cute but I’d prefer my healthy baby. Oh and he makes this weird squeaky noise on demand with his nose/throat that is pretty awesome. Baby sneezes are cute too; but the snot that accompanies the sneeze is not.

~We’ve scheduled the surgery for Peter. I don’t really want to say when or where because this is the internet. (Stranger danger! But let me just say: It is before he turns 12 months.) I’ll mention this on facebook as the time gets closer so true friends can have more details.

Please pray for peace of mind for us until then. While we are glad to have this “end in sight” (for one of the kidneys) we are scared because of the grand scheme of it all.  Nobody wants to hand their baby over for surgery. Heck, I’ve never even had surgery (not counting my wisdom teeth extraction). I will fully admit that this is
scary. At the same time, fear is a terrible time waster. I’ve seen it ravage people’s lives. I will not stand for that. God — He is higher than us all and even higher than emotions or fear or anything else. Kim and Teona recently said that there are things that you cannot determine whether they are good or bad while you are “in” it. This was a conversation about the book “The Shack.” Sometimes the situation seems bad but it turns out to be a step in the direction of good. Only God can do that – turn bad into good. Perfect example, My Mom had to hand her little baby boy off to a surgeon more than once. So she can big time understand. So we’ll trust in Him – that there is good from this in the long-run.

~I am playing uh, 8 people on words with friends right now. It is hard. I am not winning many of the matches.

~I am working on the photo archive project still. I’m getting closer to being caught up like we’re talking I am to August 2009.

~Kurt and I are doing a little ancestry
project too. That is pretty fun. Interesting information. More to come on that.

Edited to add:

~bought a new car. 2007 Honda Accord Hybrid

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  1. well, i first must say I had to laugh at “pictureless” in the title! simply because, I am a picture freak and always feel I have to put one in(: anyway, we are praying for you guys and little Peter. thanks for the update!

  2. I will be praying for little Peter – and for you guys as well. Thank you for the reminder of how damaging fear can be. It is such a destructive force – and yet it’s so easy to lose yourself in it. Take care Becky – I will be praying for you…

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