It should be noted that they do not have a bank of payphones at Metro Pointe. However, it is unknown whether they are pager-friendly or not.

Pay Phone

Baby hats are sometimes very cute.


Yeah, I bought a Macramé plant hanger. Yep, and I put a plant in it. Uh-huh, and I hung it in my house. Believe it or not, it is cool an I like it. It turns out all the hooks in my 1970’s house were meant for this purpose.

Peace Lily - Spathiphyllum

I bought this little hot/cold water bag for future boo-boo situations. I hope Peter will appreciate its awesomeness.


This is right after one of our walks last week. His smile is pretty great.

Walking Buddy

I almost bought a “real” one of these the other day at The Container Store. I wasn’t sure about the size and fit of the plastic one from The Container Store. So I decided t make my own out of the cardboard flats from Peter’s food. It was
super easy, a perfect fit and free.

Can Storage

Star Wars T-shirt… Daddy is so proud!

Star Wars T-shirt

We spent Valentine’s Day at Disneyland. It was super fun to be able to go run around like daters (without a stroller). I love Valentine’s day because I love pink, red, hearts, love, flowers, chocolates, and all it brings. We saw a couple of ladies on treasure hunts (engagements?) – that is a fun idea for sure.

Valentine Love

Sweetie Peter.

Peter 7 months

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