I love Real Simple magazine. Fortunately, I got a subscription for a steal on Amazon-dot-com. Get this, it was only $5 for the whole year! (One mag off the supermarket rack costs $4.50, yikes)

In January, Sania Vucetaj a renowned eyebrow expert was in the mag and also on The Today Show. Pair the love of the mag with my love of The Today Show and I got a message sent out loud and clear. “You usually don’t need to remove much,” notes Vucetaj. So my secret revelation was I should let my brows have a break from plucking (except for he outliers -they need to go). Then I can ensure my arches and edges are correctly in line with her system.

Here is the “How-To” in case you were wondering or need help.

There are loads f other how-to’s on the site. (One old fave
of mine is t-shirt folding).

Ch-ch-ch-check ’em out… you MIGHT learn something awesome.

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