Tiger’s Speech

Since Thanksgiving’s incident Tiger was silent. He was privately seeking help and therapy. Him and his family were working on things.
That is great. He messed up, he knows it. Everyone knows it. Why try to dig into or discuss it further? Until today. He addressed it head-on with his apology speech.

Say what you will about the speech…whether you think it was sincere, insincere, over-rehearsed or natural… It was a great speech.

Now, the Communications side of me wishes I were in school so I could do a rhetorical analysis of the speech itself. It’s verbal and non-verbal messages (for example: the hugs before walking out, the setup of the room, the closeness of the audience, the audience make-up of friends/family/sponsors/PGA people/celebrities) were spectacular. That was one that will be famous forever.

Sidenote: Part of his speech reminded me of Absolutely Fabulous, when Eddie says to Saffy,
“I’m Buddhist darling…I chanted for all these lovely things.”

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