The following is an actual conversation and then a mental stream of consciousness I had today.

I looked at Peter who was sitting up (all on his own)  and he was looking at me. He smiled big when I looked at him. I said, “If you could have a million percent, that is how much I love you. But percent can only be to  100. I just love you soooo much.”

Hmm. So many people say they will “give 110%”. Or at least that they are encouraged to give 110%. They talk about 110% like it is a possibility.  It isn’t. In French, “cent” means hundred. Probably goes back to Latin really. Don’t people know that? Why do they even say it? Maybe because they are just trying to show they will try. Try to accomplish the impossible. Or just that they’ll try hard. Well okay.

Later on, I asked Kurt if I was mathematically sound. We had a long conversation about it
all. We went back and forth with hypothetical scenarios and ideas. That’s how we have fun sometimes. So, it is mathematically accurate because numbers are infinite, and so forth…  However, to explain human effort and maximums percentages over one-hundred does not always make sense.

That led to Kurt and I making some jokes….

~That’s my 2% of a dollar.

~A 1% of a dollar for your thoughts?

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