Ten ON Tuesday!

1. Aren’t cinnamon rolls a great way to start a weekend day?

(Note: picture was taken prior to sugary glaze application)


2. I love coffee.


3. Here is us at UCLA last Tuesday. Well, not us, just the patient. The patient demonstrated good patience.


4. Sometimes he gets warm whilst drinking his bottle. his leads
to sweaty head. This night, we (poorly) documented what sweaty hair can look like. Isn’t it cute how he is focused on his hand and a tad cross-eyed?


5. We witnessed the closure of the great PCH (southbound) in HB by Cal Trans. It was closed due to the “Surf City Marathon (Half and 5k).” The next morning, the rain subsided and the race was in full effect. We walked down and did the spectator thing. It was awe inspiring for me, to be sure. I hope that someday I canĀ  be a participant. If my plans work out, perchance I will be next year. I saw several people I know running (or walking). It was cool to see so many people with the same goal… to finish! (I know that many of them have sub-goals of finishing within a certain time frame too.)


6. The rain produced this rainbow. It was glorious.


7. My Mom is the kind of Grandma that every kid should have.

Parents and Grandparents are supposed to introduce kids to the world. The whole world, not just a tiny corner. While there is NO nutritional value in these they are cheery and they make life silly and unusual.


8. Here is Peter eating a tiny slice of tomato. Kurt is holding him and wearing his “lime in the coconut” shirt. (Hindsight proved that we
should not have given him the tomato that or the 1st veggie puff wheel that night at dinner or the slight sun exposure which led to his porcelain skin getting a little red. He was a tad barfy from it all.)


9. I am an emotional eater. We have been on an emotional roller coaster for one year now in regard to Peter’s health. I shan’t take you down the path of the ups and downs in detail. Suffice to say a lack of saying no (and stress, job transition, the holidays) to food and specifically desserts is what “done me in” in the parlance of Eliza Doolittle. I have a top secret operation I have enacted which will hopefully do the trick. I will not falter.

Here is Peter, my small companion, going on a long walk with me today.


10. Here is Peter with his friend. We call him Bathduck or Ducky. Peter loves him.


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