First Trip to the Beach

{This is a late post but better late than never.}

Peter’s first walk along the beach was amazing. We could not have chosen a more beautiful day to be there for his first time. Perfect weather (kinda goes without saying).

He was so relaxed that he fell right to sleep. Zzz, zzz, zzz.



Someday we’ll go back and touch the sand, play, watch the doggies, watch the surfers…etc. But not in the winter.

Also, not until I get a little more relaxed with the cleanup involved with that deal. I mean, as it was the
stroller got a full cleaning.

Driving with Mommy and Daddy to the DMV in San Clemente for an adventure! Because everyone loves going to the DMV, right? It is one of the best birthday presents the government offers.

(The sunburst is a bonus to show that God is always with us. And it wasn’t a fluke, I have like 25 more pics just like it.)


Farmer Peter

This one is for the Hettenvan crew. AC, he looked so cute in these overalls, thank you. His little feet were cozy in the footie part.

Show ’em off cowboy, we told Peter.


Here he is tending to his cow. Cousin Katie and Cousin Janice will be so proud!


Storm Watch 2010

Here’s the hilarious picture we took of Peter in his rain gear.


Yeah so, Bubbleboy was loving being inside his rainproof thing. It came with his stroller (Pram, if you will – and you should) as did a mosquito/bug net.

For any reader who thinks it looks like he was in danger. Fear not: it is designed for a perfect fit onto the stroller, breath-ability and accessibility (zippers, air-holes).

Anyway, he loved the rainstorms. Well, minus tornado day. That day he was like a baby-barometer (as my Mom aptly put it) and sensed the craziness. Probably overstimulated by the weather channel’s beep of the emergency alerts. So I switched off the TV. Plus Sally was a bit like, “What’s that beeping?” So instead, I got
the weather channel app and followed the storm like that. [We can kick it 2010 style over here foolio, I gots ta keep it real.]

When the sun came out again on Friday, we looked out like a pair of moles blinking and grimacing at that crazy thing. But this is the beach and we see sun 362 days a year. (Sorry East Coast suckers).

So hey we bought him some shades, y’all. Buckle up for the cuteness.



Kurt and I could not wait to get them on him, so we took pictures in the car in the parking lot (disclaimer #1: car was parked – hence him not in car seat, etc).

disclaimer #2: Please ignore the fact
that he had his (tiny-don’t-fit-much-anymore) jammies on in public (part of the reason for the trip to Target).

Yay, Saturday!

Cutie Pie Little Guy

Wanna see a super cute guy?


(Dang it for being blurry…but it adds to the charm, n’est pas?)

Okay, okay here’s another.


He’s got a personality that is easy-going and fun. How neat is it that he is ticklish? He loves to laugh and smile. He chats alot. And I believe that he sings too.

About 6.5 months old and he is such a joy and a delight to me and Daddy-o.

Lunches Are Packed

Last night, I stayed up late. I cleaned out the refrigerator. I mean I took everything out and cleaned it. Then I went to the grocery store.

Then I came home and did this:


and this:


and this:


The instructions weren’t on the wrapper for Kurt to take to work, so this too:


I do not know why I abbreviated towel.

The pictures are of poor quality because it was late, I used my iPhone and the light of the fridge. I wanted to photograph this scene in case it never happens again.

Most of us have obsessions and/or compulsions but are not OCD. (I know I certainly do.)

I am just well-organized and I have a label-maker.

As a bonus: Here’s a clip from an old SNL.

Hello, January.

In 2010, I am resolute that I will achieve some Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic Timely (SMART) goals. One goal is to blog more regularly (At least twice a month is 2x more than last year).

It is already 17 January 2010. Where has the time gone? Well, easy answer there… First, New Years. Then birthdays like boom, boom, boom. It goes — Me (Becky, 31), Baby P (6 months), and my Mom (Sharon, age withheld). Followed by our 4th Wedding Anniversary. Since today is the third Sunday of January, today is the Golden Globes.
So, to recap, the entire first half of January is covered in parties and celebrations galore.

My b-day was fun. Kurt let me sleep in (AKA took care of Peter), he made me breakfast, I got a professional massage (which resulted in crazy pain later that day and the next), and it was capped off with a family party. The family party included my first foray into pâte-à-choux, Crème caramel,
and pastry cream to make Croque-en-Bouche (sometimes referred to as croquembouche). My very first attempt at this dessert tasted good but that is all I can say. It did not go together as hoped. It was a little less beautiful and I didn’t quite get the right steps on the cream so it was like pastry sauce, not cream.

For those following his (non-kidney related) progress; Peter recently made some remarkable leaps in his strength, motor skills and cuteness. He sits up, stands strong, rolls over, scoots, holds his bottle and eats solids. It is amazing to watch him grow and change daily. I cannot imagine any job being more rewarding than being his mother/caregiver. On that note, I signed up for MOPS (“Mothers Of Pre-Schoolers”) It should be also noted: it is ‘pre’-school, as in ‘before’ school, not ‘preschool’. I have very few preconceived notions about
it. I am hopeful for a good experience, to meet some cool ladies and have it be a chill thing. I am going to try to let my guard down to these women in the hopes to make some friends and have some fun for a few hours once a week. No big whoop.

I will write more later. To keep this SMART, I gotta keep do it smaller, and more efficiently time-wise.

PEACE out, yo.

2009: Reflecting On Our Greatest Year (Thus Far)

I thought 2001 was great because that’s the year we met.

Then 2004 was pretty good because we got engaged. I graduated from CSULB in 2005, pretty darn good year.

Looking at it, 2006 was an excellent because we got married!

We were thrilled in 2007 to travel to Europe, and Kurt graduated from CSULB and then in 2008 we cruised to Alaska.

Without a doubt, 2009 was the BEST year (so far) because we had our son, Peter.

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