Minor Privacy

The main topic of this blog of course is our family’s daily adventures. Peter Cooke, being the newest and cutest member of our family, will be the highlight and star of many posts to come. This blog will be archived in our special computer-y archive way (Kurt will handle this) for Peter to read when he is older. I have always been a guarded person in regard to my personal information. I feel that there must be some things that are not common knowledge and are not public in every person’s life. This issue was recently debated and the linked article raises some valid
points about a minor’s privacy. Here is the link again because the public comments are insightful. If you have a child or will, I recommend you read it. http://parenting.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/08/31/protecting-your-childs-privacy/

Here is a quote from Anne, a LATimes.com commenter:

“If the thought of your narcissistic 15-year-old tearfully demanding why you told the world about her isn’t enough to stay your hand, consider instead what will happen if the person who finds your post is the mean girl who torments her in the lunchroom, or psycho ex-boyfriend who is stalking her in college. In the world of malicious people, any information is ammo.”

While I am not planning to write a novel about Peter, he is too little to be his own advocate. Kurt and I must be his advocate and are happily installed in the job. I will gladly
accept the label of “new mom” or “overprotective” if it means that a predator, stalker, mean person has no fuel. Consider this, EVERYTHING you post on the internet can be seen by anyone at anytime. If you don’t believe me, try searching your name in Google or any search engine. Or even search a title of one of your blog posts. Or look at your web-page’s analytics to see how people arrive at your site. Random people do look, and read…once it is out there (even for a minute or an hour) it is FOREVER.

So, we will be careful and apply ‘rules’ to blog entries/facebook/flickr/you tube/the internet in general. We ask anyone who takes his picture or video to please do the same going forward.

These are the rules we have developed:

1.) No embarrassment – Will he be embarrassed when he comes across it later?

2.) Nothing personal – Does it reveal anything personal about him? School, doctor, teacher, where we live, etc.? Could it help
identify him to people who don’t already know him?

3.) Nothing negative without good intent – Don’t vent about a bad day online unless seeking advice (sometimes it takes a village).

We will blog of course and we will post pictures and videos…we will just be selective in the future, and hopefully Peter will be proud.

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