Almost 37 Weeks Pregnant

Today was my last day at work and what a strange and exciting feeling. It feels like I am going on vacation but yet it also feels like I quit. Vacation: because I will be back. Quit: because I left everything with my co-workers. It was an interesting day too. I went into work and then to the doctor and then back to work.

At the doctor I had the best encounter in the waiting room. It MADE my week! I bumped into a good friend and we chatted for a while.

According to my medical professional/doctor, I am ready to have this baby. I am super excited about that too!

35 weeks pregnant

In the past week !:

had my 1st bloody nose

fell down the stairs

cut my leg shaving twice

stayed home sick 3 days from work

A Note To My Hettenvan Family

We have gotten oodles of baby clothes from Aunt Carolyn. At this time, I would like to say THANK YOU Aunt Carolyn for thinking of Baby Cooke. We are beyond blessed by your thoughtfulness. Also thanks for taking good care of Momma while she was at your house. She told us some of your funny stories and it sounds like you had fun together. Thanks for being such a neat lady/aunt.

Aunt Dick and Aunt Vickie, I am sure you are super proud of Katie. I know that your transition in the next few years (empty nest) will be tough but hang in there. Oh! Mom took pictures of your house and all I can say is WOW!!! It looks great. Uncle Dick I am sad that your beard is gone. I hope that you two are doing well and that maybe you will find some time to come and visit CA!

Cousin Katie, I am super proud of you for graduating high school. I cannot believe that it is even possible…because my memories of Ben and Chris sitting on
you when you were 4 years old are still so vivid! You have grown up though — because like it or not, time marches on! Anyway, I heard that your graduation was great and your party was fun. I saw pictures of you and you look as adorable as ever (black hair and all! ha!).

I don’t have time at the moment to write everyone back there so give everyone else my best…Especially Grandma (who I am sure cannot navigate the internet). Know that I miss you guys and hope you are doing well.

Love, Becky