Miss Potter

I watched this movie on the way home from London on the plane. What a good movie.

Baby’s Kidneys…

So please, PLEASE pray for our boy. His kidneys are worse now. We are in the midst of researching the possibilities. Also pray that we are able to reach the right people to speed up the referral process to see a fetal/pediatric urologist. Pray we can get an appointment quickly and then pray that that doctor has good news.

63 Days To Go (give or take)!

216 days down, 63 to go… Our little boy is on the way, I feel mostly ready. Although I just know when the time comes I will realize that I am not. We graduated from our prepared childbirth class last Friday night. That was helpful mostly. There was some information we were not aware of and many thing that we were already aware. We paid attention and took notes and now, we will take it as it happens.

I read on this website that our baby will start kindergarten in 2014, be old enough to drive a car in 2025, finish high school in 2027, and will graduate from college with the class of 2031, give or take a year (or 3, ha!). Can you imagine?

We are not going to have a shower. I know that it is my first baby having one is the standard way of doing it. . but when I think about it, it makes me anxious. The cost, the planning, the guest list, the date, absolutely everything. So instead I will send out birth
announcements to everyone. Then if you want to meet him in person, give us a call sometime in August. Or if ou can’t meet in person, feel free to email Kurt or I and we can set up a Skype meeting.

The Crib is Here and Together!

Thanks to the efforts of Kurt, this crib is successfully assembled. It was pretty easy and it didn’t take very long. We think it is awesome.

Pretty soon we think our son will agree when he is sleeping soundly in it (hee hee)!

Opening the box.

It arrived!

Here are the pieces.


When you make the ends, they can become chairs later on if we choose.

the ends become chairs

When it is partially assembled this is the toddler bed so you can lower the mattress and he can climb in and out by himself.

one side off for toddler

Here is the completed crib with the mattress at the infant height setting.

complete with mattress

All in all, so far we are pleased with the quality, and look. Also they quoted that it might be 2-4 weeks and it was only about 1 week. So we are glad to have it set up and ready so early on!