Last Friday’s Appointment

We (Kurt, baby and I) had a high risk specialist appointment to follow up on a couple of things they saw on the ultrasound that the doctors were concerned over. There were about 5 things that they needed to check on… and some of them were scary for us. Kurt and I started this process well over a month ago — so this follow up appointment was the culmination of a month’s worth of prayers. No, not worry or fear, because we honestly gave the fear and to God a month ago and instead just prayed for his healing hand on our little baby.

I know God is good all the time, but usually He is is SO good. Of the 5 things they were concerned about, there was only 1 thing remaining. I will tell you what it is so you can pray too. His kidneys are enlarged. It could be something more (we don’t know; major or minor, common or uncommon) or but the doctor said it could just clear itself up. So, that is what we are going to ask in
prayer. God please help heal/regulate/fix his kidneys.

So true..

The power of the prayer, in other words, does not depend on the one who makes the prayer but on the one who hears the prayer.  -Max Lucado

St Patrick’s Day

It was back in 2006 when I posted this:

I am still so proud of it, I thought I’d re-post it. I mean, geesh, I got a comment from an Irish person. A legitimate one, Kurt checked.

Food Style

We have been doing a very European eating/cooking style lately… I would have said French specifically, but to be honest, it seems like the French really only ever eat red wine and baguettes.

We talk on the way home from work about what sounds good, then we agree, meet at home, see what we need to make it (if anything..usually we need something).

Then we walk to the store with our canvas bags and get the few items we need.

We go home make it and eat it.

The night is still young (and super sunny), we waste less food, we eat something fresh (and exactly what we want right then), we have had a walk and we get double points for using our own bags. Win-Win-Win.

I know this will not always be the case for us but for our lifestyle right now, it works.

Today: fruit

Fruit of the Spirit is often used to describe the best aspects of a Godly character. Here are some ways to improve your character.


– Your weakness for His strength.
– Your unhappy heart for His joy.
– Your annoyance with His love.
– Your anxiety with His peace.
– Your impatience for His patience.
– Your complaining for His contentment.
– Your harsh attitude for His gentleness.

How??? You can depend on God to be your source for all your needs. Psalm 40