Becky and I decided to take some family pictures. We’ve been posting a bunch on our Flickr page, but here is one you may not have seen. Mostly because we just took it today at the hospital:


That’s right, Becky’s pregnant with our first child, a little boy. We’re more excited that a simple blog post and a picture could show.

11 Replies to “Announcement!”

  1. Nice skeletal structure. I assume this first one won’t be harvested for spare parts. That wouldn’t be customary. You should experiment on him when his brain is still plastic. Babies can learn to sign as early as 6 months. Exposing them to music may increase the likelihood of perfect pitch down the line. I wonder if you can instill math or physics intuitions from early on…. Hey, can I come over when the stork shows up with this thing? He sounds way more fun than a Furby.

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