Broken Clock

Becky and I have this old portable digital alarm clock. We keep it in the bathroom so we can keep an eye on the time during our morning routine. Now, the clock is old and has been dropped one to many times. You see, part of the digital display is malfunctioning. It will show the hour digit just fine, and it will show the last digit of the minute just fine, but the first digit of the minute does not show correctly.
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Grocery Store Embarrasment

Becky and I are attempting to get serious with our finances. We do alright, but we know we could do better. Inasmuch, this past weekend we sat down and hammered out a budget. We’ve done this before, but it normally gets abandoned as soon as we see something shiny.
We are trying again. The first budget cut was dining out. We dine out a lot. Pretty much every night. It’s not that neither of us enjoy cooking, it’s more that we don’t enjoy planning and the overall time it takes. But that will stop. We will cook.
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Thanksgiving 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

This year we spent Thanksgiving with my mother and father in Las Vegas. Once we decided that we were going to travel for the holiday, we had to decide exactly how and when. In the past we’ve either driven our own car the over 300 miles, or rented a car for the long trip. This time, we decided to fly. Out flight was scheduled to leave Orange County at 18:10, but the flight was delayed more than an hour, so we didn’t arrive until 20:30. My father greeted us and we drove to my mother and father’s house where we were able to stay in the guest room for the duration of our stay.
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