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Yesterday when I got home there was a Fed Ex box by the door. It was labeled GODIVA CHOCOLATES. The box was addressed to the previous resident (who never forwarded their mail over a year ago!). So I called Godiva to tell them. Well, the customer service rep (Pat) was a kind person and a long-time smoker from the sound of her voice. I chatted her up about where she is located, we talked about Conneticut and the weather, she asked about the fires, we talked about Santa Barbara and Huntington Beach… then since we were friends already, she said that she would do her thing on her end (to let the gift pruchaser know it didn’t get to the correct person)….and here’s the best part… she said I should open the box and enjoy the chocolates!! Well, we did. What lovely unexpected treats for me and Kurt.

As a kind gesture to our readers below are some helpful holiday tips.


1.) When you leave where you
live, you should remember to forward your mail.

2.) Send a nice e-mail to your friends about your new address so that you are able to receive all packages, etc.

3.) When you send things via FED EX, UPS, etc. you have the option to have the delivery company require a signature or not. Require a signature to ensure correct delivery.

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  1. The year we moved from Torrance to San Diego, we forgot to change our home address in amazon and all of our presents were getting shipped to our old address. I think we swung by and picked them up on Christmas Eve… good holiday tips, Becky- so glad you are having a blessed week!

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