The 2008 Election (and why I am glad that is over)

Today for the first time in months, we do not have 6 voice messages on the answering machine from a random politician or celebrity or former politician saying something like, “hi, I am so-and-so, vote [blank] on [blank] because [blank].” We did not receive 3-5 additional calls once we got home from work.

Also, I hate those commercials. People who use those commercials as informational tools to base their vote on are in my opinion very stupid. I wish they would not allow calls or commercials or signs. Just think about how much money they would save….. Prop 8 alone cost $73 million dollars for the pro and con people.

Just think about what we could (and OUGHT to) do with that kind of money… help people (feed, clothe, shelter, health care, educate, etc…) almost anything would be a better use of that money.

I will save my opinions on the issues.

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