Three laptops and a 42″ monitor

The Cooke and Wagner nerdfest is going down in our living room right now. I am typing this on Kurt’s lappy plugged into our 42″ TV. Of course Rita and Vonnie got matchy twinsies lappy tops. So we are having fun times with computers. We’re super cool. Kurt only set up the laptop with the TV to show off something to do with WoW to Ken, but now I am enjoying it also by demonstrating our blog innards by special request. On one hand having a huge monitor is cool and makes me feel fancy. On the other, it reminds me of my Grandma’s old timey WebTV. Oh and sitting on the floor in front of the TV is prettynon-luxurious. Peace.

Oprah’s Earrings and Laser Microphones

Kurt and I are watching Oprah. The episode is about a family murder, but really about forgiveness. What Kurt gleaned from the episode was using a laser microphone through glass for a prison interview, but what I gleaned was the desire to rip out Oprah’s earrings and take them for my own.