Flickr-tastic and Recovery

We spent this past weekend lounging around the house and uploading a fantastical amount of photos to our Flickr page. Check ’em out!

I’m still recovering from my interior-face surgery, but it’s going a good deal smoother that it was a few days ago.

I was pretty out of it the first few days, as you can tell:

Recovering from teeth removal

Then I was pretty swollen, and had trouble sleeping though the night. Mostly because I was propped up to keep me from choking on my own blood and saliva.

I’ve been eating not much besides Cream of Wheat, Jell-O, pudding and protein shakes. Which means, I now
realize, I’ve been a vegetarian for more than a week now. Yeah, I’m hungry.

New Laws & Wise Teeth

For those of you not in California, we passed a law a couple months ago banning the use of a hand-held mobile phone while driving. This is to encourage the use of a car-wide speaker system that connects to your phone, or a bluetooth headset. However, We’ve seen people holding the cell phone a few inches away from their faces, like that makes it okay:

Oh, we need a hands-free device now? well, how about I just don’t press it against my ear, that’ll be fine.

It’s a hands-free law, not a face-free law.

In personal news, I’m taking tomorrow and possibly the next day off work. I’m getting my wisdom teeth removed while under the effects of general anesthesia. Fun, huh? We’ve stocked up on pudding, jello and juice for my eating comfort. I’ve never been unconscious before, but then again I’ve never had my wisdom teeth
removed, so here’s to new experiences.

Shirley Raab

My grandmother died this weekend. She was a wonderful mother to my mother, and a wonderful grandmother to me and my cousins. I’ll miss her.

My grandmother and me Shirley Raab on a Bel Air Shirley Raab, my grandmother