Not Olympians

We were driving around the other day and saw this guy running. I said to Kurt, “That guy is not an Olympian. We know that because he’s here.” Since then we’ve been saying about every athletic type person we see: runners, bikers, sailors, etc… I find it amusing.

Our New Baby

Guess what!? Kurt and I have a new member of the family!

Let me just hint: it is small, cute, it has one “eye” and it is black!

It’s not a human baby, its a kick-arse camera.

It is the camera that we should have bought yester-year. We are good photographers. Kurt and I both have taken photography in a formal school setting. But now… we are going to have to step up our game. OH and we shall!

The Improv

Kurt and I fancy a nice laugh. Friday night we went on down to the Improv in Irvine for a few laughs, some dinner and a few drinks. The headliner was John Heffron. Some of you readers, may recognize the name from the NBC summer show, The Last Comic Standing: Season 2 (2004). It was really funny and we had a grand time.

Speaking of Last Comic Standing, we have been watching this season and were enjoying the Canadian comic stylings of Seán Cullen, until this week when he was eliminated. Oh, Seán Cullen, we are still rooting for you.

Mike Rowe and Bill Nye

Did anyone see the Greenland Shark episode? We watched it in glorious high definitions. The researchers aren’t very sure about these creatures. I had not heard of them. But hey, there are people who go up there to study them. These same people get freakishly excited on the mere prospect of catching one to look at (never mind how jazzed they are about cutting into one!). Research it yourself. On the episode they pulled two out and sacrificed one for science (w00t). They are extremely slow moving and apparently their flesh is toxic to eat. I thought that was interesting. See, sometimes this blog is dedicated to the education of its reader.

Another interesting show we watched was
called “100 Greatest Discoveries” and it was hosted by Bill Nye. He hosted a show named “Bill Nye: The Science Guy,” many of you may recall this show which aired from 1992-1998. Well, Kurt loved this show, and totally was a FAN. So we watched this “100 Greatest Discoveries” show (already in progress). Anyhow, Kurt already knew the things they were reviewing because he studied about it at university. One thing I heard and liked was that Albert Einstein was something about children and science, so I looked into it more. I found these three quotations from him at different points of his life. For those of you who have kids — don’t wait until they are in high school or even elementary school to get excited about science, start early.

“I experienced as a child at the age of four or five when my father showed me a compass. That this needle behaved in such a determined way was all out of place concerning the manner of the events which could find a place in the unconscious vocabulary of concepts…
I still remember today… that this experience has left a permanent impression with me.”

“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.”

“One thing I have learned in a long life: All our science, measured against reality, is primitive and childlike — and yet it is the most precious thing we have.”


NCL = Norwegian Cruise Lines

MCL = restaurant

One more thing about the cruise…. the Indiana folks will get this. Every time someone referred to the ship as NCL it sounded like MCL and that made me think of visiting my family in Indiana.

(For those who don’t know, MCL is similar to that of a Hometown Buffet.)

Full Cruise Write-up

Here it is: the full cruise lowdown.

Disclaimer: There are no pictures in this post. It is recommended that you click on all the links to follow along with pictures, or just open our Flickr page to follow along.

We departed sunny southern California Saturday (12 July) morning. The flight up the coast was fairly uneventful, but we did see a birds-eye view of Mount St. Helens. My parents met us at the airport (they had arrived a day earlier) and drove us to the hotel in Tukwila and met my sister and her husband there. We relaxed a bit, and headed out to see the Seattle sights (that’s two alliterations with the s, oh yeah!) We parked and walked up the seafront, finally making our way to Pike’s Place and the location of the very first Starbucks! Nice. Later that afternoon we also went to and up the Space Needle.
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This one is for my homies who had braces. You may have noted (as my co-workers did) that in our vay-cay pictures you see me wearing my retainers. Well, that is just because I am dedicated to maintain my straight teeth. I don’t want my teeth to move. I want to retain them, even in Alaska.*

*full trip write up status: in progress