DON’T call it a Fa -y pack.

So we had this contest at work – it really wasn’t a huge deal – more or less something to make a tedious task more fun. There were four of us competing. Honestly it was kind of unfair because it was reliant upon the employees response. But the prizes… I do not care how hokey-pokey, corny, cheap, expensive, awesome, whatever…the prize is who doesn’t want to win? There were cool prizes to be had and several to chose from…
I WON!! This means I had top pick and I got to choose three (then because it was so fun everyone else got to pick 2 each! I got a metal business card holder w/company logo, an expensive metal can cozy and/or small insulated mug w/company logo. But my FIRST CHOICE was……….
Bum Bag!

Reference: Urban dictionary “Bum bag =
The British equivalent to a fanny pack, because fanny back in Britain means something entirely different. (Let’s just say, in England, only women have fannies.)”

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  1. Hey Becky, you look great. Looks like you’ve lost weight. Ready to gain some back on the cruise to Alaska?! We will try not to let that happen by never using the elevators and going to the onboard gym! Right? Famous last words!! Real excited. Will you be taking your fancy bag with you??

    Luv U guys, Mom

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