HBHS 2008 Graduation

I am really proud of these gals. I was very happy to go into work a bit early on Wednesday so I could leave work early to go over to HBHS to watch a ton of our awesome seniors graduate. Many of them I wasn’t able to find and/or photograph in the madness after the ceremony, but nevertheless I was there and heard their names read! It is my prayer that these kids will keep striving for their goals and find happiness in college, a career, the armed forces, or whatever their endeavour may be… and keep that Christ is their strength and
cornerstone throughout.

This was the first graduation at HBHS I went to since my own. It was very much the same – no much changes through the years, apparently. Although, I am pretty sure they pat them down now beforehand to avoid any beach ball incidents. I must say that graduating from University was my favorite – Definitely my preferred ceremony. CSULB knows how to celebrate. GO BEACH!

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Flickr and Lightview

So I’ve made a couple of changes around the site. First, I’ve move our pictures frmo Gallery to Flickr. You can use the link on the left to see ’em all. The reason I did this was to better integrate blogging with photos.

The other enhancement is lightview. It’s this neato little script that will pop up a full-size picture in the same window if you click on it. (I don’t think it’ll work if you use a rss reader)

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Kurt and Becky. Exactly

DON’T call it a Fa -y pack.

So we had this contest at work – it really wasn’t a huge deal – more or less something to make a tedious task more fun. There were four of us competing. Honestly it was kind of unfair because it was reliant upon the employees response. But the prizes… I do not care how hokey-pokey, corny, cheap, expensive, awesome, whatever…the prize is who doesn’t want to win? There were cool prizes to be had and several to chose from…
I WON!! This means I had top pick and I got to choose three (then because it was so fun everyone else got to pick 2 each! I got a metal business card holder w/company logo, an expensive metal can cozy and/or small insulated mug w/company logo. But my FIRST CHOICE was……….
Bum Bag!

Reference: Urban dictionary “Bum bag =
The British equivalent to a fanny pack, because fanny back in Britain means something entirely different. (Let’s just say, in England, only women have fannies.)”


I got this fun little thing for myself, Mom and Blair & Christie after John mentioned one day that his Mom (shout out: Hey Romayne!) has a butter dispenser for corn on the cob. I personally have a deep rooted love for Bed, Bath and Beyond, and so I was there decided to get this cute little fella and a couple of his friends. This way, we can be almost as fancy as Romayne and her giant gourmet kitchen.
Butterboy and Buttergirl
Now I find out there is a Butter Girl?! Cute!
Anyway, we busted out le Garçon de Beurre on Sunday whilst enjoying some corn. Here’s Butterboy’s issue.
Butterboy squeeze