Sick and Memorial Day

I vomited last Thursday. And Friday.

Before that, I went to work as normal on Thursday (22 May) morning. At about 07:45, the power went off. It came back on less then a minute later, so I went up to the server room to make sure the servers weren’t broken. They weren’t. I went on with my normal day, or so I thought…
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The last couple of weeks

– Ken and Rita came to visit

– saw BUBLE in concert!

– Mother’s Day

– TMHU Disneyland day

– The Bachelor chose Shayne; America chose David Cook (no “e”) as the 2008 American Idol; America chose Kristi Yamaguchi (as what, best celebrity ballroom dancer?)

– So You Think You Can Dance begins; Top Chef continues; The Bachelorette began

– 3 day weekend right now! (4 days for Kurt because he got really sick on Thursday and Friday)

My Mom: the health concern

I think it is time I will formally tell you about Mom (for those of you who don’t read Christie’s blog).

My Mom was (truthfully, still is) having some  health problems. If you want to know more details and you know the number you can call her – she can tell you about it. While she is doing much better -today she is still having difficulty – today was kind of a set back but a bigger step toward recovery.

I will be frank here. It has been very challenging past week. I am not so naive to think my family is invulnerable to disease or health problems; I know that health problems happen to us all. Maybe now I realize how blessed we are to typically be in good health.

In dark trying times, God sought after me and led my car to a private conversation that really helped to change my perspective – I thank God for that.

Ecclesiastes 7:14

When times are good, be happy;

but when
times are bad, consider:

God has made the one

as well as the other.

God does have a plan, I know it to be true. His plan is might be bad (at times) and it might be good but it is intended to be perfect.