So far in the past three weeks I have seen a bee swarm twice. Just like a cartoon. A giant buzzing crazy mass of bees. I wonder if they were killer bees? I wanted to mention this because I have never been stung. I don’t want to be stung. Once at drill team in high school I witnessed a girl get stung – it happened before my very eyes there on the grass by the baseball practice field. Then a few years ago I told Kurt that I would go home from whatever I am doing if I get stung. For example if I were at school and I got stung, I’d go home. When I saw the swarms I thought I was dead meat -like McCauley Culkin in My Girl. I didn’t die, thank goodness so says I.


I don’t like living on the ground floor. It makes your home so much more prone to Zombie attacks. They can just barge into your home. When I mentioned this to Kurt he reassured me that we can simply grab his swords, “that’s what they are for.” It is so simple. I feel so much better.

House is back

I remember a time before we watched this show. Kurt said let’s watch this show ‘House.’ He said “Stephen watches it.” (shout out: Hey Stephen and Michelle!). I said “yeah okay, let’s watch it.” We love it. He is a jerk but a lovable one. His mean behaviour only works because his ego demands perfection which means that he saves lives. Of course the actor Hugh Laurie is a fantastically talented actor and comedian. Tonight’s new episode was highly anticipated – especially by Kurt.

Starbucks and Spiders

We went to Starbucks the other day. Now, I’m far from a coffee aficionado, but I like Starbucks. I don’t have anything against them. Their coffee is a bit expensive, but not prohibitively so. That being said, We went and were surprised to find a few new tricks up their sleeve.

The first:

A new logo.

The second, these little plug things so your coffee doesn’t spill out the drink hole:


so weird.
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Pandora Radio

Pandora Radio. Have you used it? It is fantastic. You should definitely try it. Especially those of you at work where streaming is difficult or you don’t have CD player or you are on the go or whatever. It’s lovely.

New domain name(s)

The more astute readers may have noticed the new domain name (look up at the address bar.)

That’s right, you are now at KurtandBecky.com!

We’ve also registered KurtandBeckyCooke.com in addition to KurtCooke.com, BeckyCooke.com and KurtCooke.co.uk.

So, that’s awesome. By the way, there isn’t really a need to update your bookmarks, since all domains redirect to KurtandBecky.com, but if you really feel like it (or are legalistic like me) go ahead, I won’t stop you.


I wonder if George Foreman really invented the lean mean fat reducing grilling machine? Probably not. We got one as a wedding present. It is the big one with removable grill plates. I didn’t know it was from the next grilleration! How exciting, I thought it was from this grilleration. Anyway, we use it all the time for lots of foods. Since it HOTTER than hot, this means it is time to grill and/or barbecue – like we do in the summer. If you want to purchase fresh beef or steaks or other meats we recommend our local butcher shop. It is an old timey butcher shop called, The Beef Palace. Last night we made awesome
cheeseburgers. I mixed in Italian seasoned breadcrumbs, garlic salt and fresh ground pepper to the beef. I am a surprising cook. I don’t really know what I am doing because I don’t do it much. But when I do cook, it turns out well. Cooking is fun because Kurt and I do it tag team like a real chefs. Sidenote: If you type “America Grills” into Google.com or into your Google toobar, the first entry that comes up is this, yo check it. 

Kurt’s wallet

Kurt got a new wallet. It is nice. He really needed a new one. Anyhow, the money slot is a little small. So he has come up with a money folding technique so that it fits better.
We went to Arby’s and Kurt handed the folded money to the cashier. Honestly, she had a difficult time communicating in English because it was obviously her second language. She chuckled and said slowly and carefully, “very organized.”

Server maintainence/Gardening and movies

The topic of this blog describes how Kurt and I spent our Saturday (yesterday) respectively. My Kurt was working for 14 hours. If you want details, he’ll have to post them, I don’t do technical blogs. I am not skilled enough. My Mom and I hung out. We gardened. We worked on my front and back yards. It was alot of work but it felt good to do. Kurt and I are blessed to have the little area to plant flowers and herbs. I feel good when I take good care of it and make it look even better than we found it. Mom and I worked hard and afterward we cleaned up and sat on the couch. Then it was moviefest 2008. We watched She’s All That, A lot Like Love, and Must Love Dogs. We ate at Corner Bakery. Still waiting for Kurt to be done. He didn’t get home until 11:30pm. Poor

Have you ever had a bouquet of LILACS? I have. My Mom bought them and officially they are hers but she left them at my house. They are beautiful, thanks Mom for everything.