More of the Same

Did everyone see the lunar eclipse? Pretty sweet. We had high school group tonight and Scott (the High School Minister) let me come up and talk a bit about the eclipse and lead all the kids outside to look at it. That’s awesome.

I had to take a half day off of work today because I had to meet the cable guy. We had been experiencing some problems with our DVR. It would skip ahead and artifact when playing back recorded shows. It’s really difficult to watch Jeopardy when the video will randomly skip three seconds ahead. So my appointment was from 13:00 to 17:00, and unusually, the technician showed up at about 13:30. He replaced the box and so far so good. However, this box has a newer menu structure and is a bit strange. For example, there
is no on-screen timeline. When pausing, fast forwarding or rewinding, normally (on all the other DVR boxes I’ve seen) there will be a timeline bar at the bottom showing how much of the current show you’ve watched and how much is left. Not so much with the new 8300HDC.

In other news, I finally hit level 70 on my main priest character in World of Warcraft, so that’s awesome. For those of you following along, I also finished reading The Areas of My Expertise today and yes, I’m still working on The Three Musketeers. I’m also still going strong with the no red meat thing. Turkey chili yesterday, chicken burrito tonight, not too shabby.

Finally, Becky’s been
encouraging me lately and I’m starting to seriously think about writing a novel. So maybe that’ll work out, maybe not. If i do, you all will buy it, right?

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