Lent and a Weekend

Lent began last week. This year, I decided to give up red meat from Ash Wednesday until Easter. Now, I’m not Catholic, and even if I were that’s not exactly what’s prescribed for Lent. But I felt like doing it as an exercise in self-control, and Lent is just a convenient time to do it. So, I’ve been eating turkey and fish in its place. I even ordered a Gardenburgerâ„¢ at a restaurant this weekend.
It hasn’t been nearly as bad as I imagined it.

This weekend Becky, Sharon and I went for another long-ish walk down by the beach. It wasn’t as long as we’ve taken in the past, but we walked from Sharon’s house to downtown HB and all the way down to Ruby’s at the pier (where I ordered a Gardenburgerâ„¢) and back. Google maps says it was about 3 miles in total. While we were walking down main we saw a guy in a old (60’s-ish is my guess) Bel Air with a couple of surfboards strapped to the top. It made Becky and I think of my aunt Yvonne and uncle Tom (Hi aunt Vonnie!). They have a ’56 Bel Air in great shape. It’s cool riding in it because people will stop and stare, give you the thumbs-up, talk to you, it’s neat. That’s what was happening to this guy with the surfboards. Some guy on a bike was riding next to him talking to him about his car.

After we got home we watched Ratatoille. We bought this movie without having seen it (which we don’t often do) but it really paid off. It’s a really good movie.

Oh, the photo galley is back up, if not entirely organized. Enjoy!

3 Replies to “Lent and a Weekend”

  1. Red Meat is not all it’s cracked up to be. Once you get it out of your system…you’ll forget why you ever ate it! :o) btw…Turkey burgers are good too! :o)

  2. Hey Kids,
    Old cars are COOL! I am glad you guys got a chance to ride in ours. We will do it again sometime, next time you drive.
    Love ya, miss ya

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