Wednesday Thoughts

I have been using the website the daily plate to track my eating habits and weight. If you are interested in managing your weight, it is a helpful tool. It doesn’t judge you or anything it just shows the data.

I like colored paper clips but I don’t like to use them.

If you get bored today or sometime, check out this site.  I did “O Canada” and the site totally got it right. (website found from PopCandy). Keep in mind that the tapper must be accurate for the song to be recognized. Best of luck to you, tappers.

Lent and a Weekend

Lent began last week. This year, I decided to give up red meat from Ash Wednesday until Easter. Now, I’m not Catholic, and even if I were that’s not exactly what’s prescribed for Lent. But I felt like doing it as an exercise in self-control, and Lent is just a convenient time to do it. So, I’ve been eating turkey and fish in its place. I even ordered a Gardenburgerâ„¢ at a restaurant this weekend.
It hasn’t been nearly as bad as I imagined it.
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Last Week

Last week I had the guts to say hi to this girl in the lunchroom. She is just like me. I see her sometimes – she is new. Everyday she sits to eat with a book and her lunch that she packed. She always prays before she eats.  I  stuck out my hand and said Hi.  She was just a message from God that he is here, even at work on my lunch break.