Tired of pictureless blog entries?

Good news! Whilst we haven’t posted with pictures in quite a while, we have updated our gallery to get you all caught up… Simply click on the link on the left hand side of your screen. Here you will find some amazing quality photographs, chalk full of celebrity-type model people.

Now that Kurt showed me how to do it, maybe pictures will happen here on these posts more frequently.

*** Uhh, it’s not working at all… I’ll fix that *** -Kurt

Dove Vs. Pigeon

Kurt is smart, we can agree. The other day I was looking out the bedroom window. Since the room is on the second floor I was looking int the leafyest part of the tree. I saw a dove in the tree. We became close friends. It was hiding from the rain. I was watching it sit there happily. I was happy too. I had gotten home from work, and the rain was lovely. It was a nice moment. Then Kurt got home. I was excited to show him my new bird friend. I said, “look a dove.” He then crushed my whole belief system. He told me that doves are the same as pigeons. I argued saying, “no they are different colors and doves aren’t  super crappy.”  So, for those of you who know us, well you know what we did. Instead of  wondering we simply took to the interwebs and found our answer. Kurt was correct. Consider my bird ideals crushed.
  Apparently, dove : pigeon :: mutton : sheep.

Bloggin’ ’08

We really stink at updating our blog. The funny thing is, I just logged into a less frequently used e-mail. It hasn’t been checked since 6 Dec 07. So neglect doesn’t apply to only blogging.We have just been having such a wonderful past few weeks, that we haven’t had the chance to stop and put it into words. Some highlights were Christie’s big Three-Zero birthday, Christmas, Ken and Rita/Mom and Dad came to town, New Year’s Eve at the Chez Farley (for you non-frenchies that means the Farley house), New Year’s day and all of it’s wondrous board games, my 29th birfday, Sharon/Mom’s (and Elvis’) birthday (I shall not name the number of years it is less than Elvis would have been – – and like Disneyland does we are celebrating all year), and last but not least our second anniversary of our wedding ceremony. I almost typed “second
marriage anniversary” which would have implied that we married each other twice. That would have been fun to do but nope, just the one wedding and marriage. What a great time that was back in 2006 – like Ed & Roxanne sing, “love’s the the greatest gift.” Of course they mean God’s love for you and me. But really God loves me so much He gave me Kurt; so Kurt’s love is also the greatest gift I have ever received too. Anyway, all of these events took place between 24 December 2007 and 15 January 2008. The crazy thing is, that is how this time of year will always be – there is no dull moment in December or January for sure. Oh and now, I am getting used to a new position at my company and it is challenging. I am keeping things in perspective and putting one foot in front of the other.

Speaking of one foot in front of the other, Kurt and I went on a wicked awesome long walk on Saturday. To sum it up we walked from Warner to Goldenwest up the beach. We
later ‘clocked it’ at 6.5 miles. On the walk, we picked up seashells. And we saw two a-holes beating up a sea creature (large horseshoe crab) with a stick. I apply the term “a-hole” two these guys quite liberally, I have to because that is what they were. Who beats up a sea creature, really? But all that horror was wiped away when we go to dog beach and saw the cute lovable dogs enjoying their chance to run free and swim in the pacific ocean. Also, we saw a jack russell terrier, which is our dog of choice. But alas, we have not the freedom to choose sayeth the landlord.