Kick off Christmas Weekend

Becky and I spent this past weekend kicking off the Christmas season. On Friday we endured the pouring rain and went Christmas shopping. We started out at Cost Plus World Market to get some neat gifts. When we arrived it was difficult to miss the fact that there were a number of emergency vehicles outside, lights flashing. As we walked in we saw a team of paramedics being directed to one side of the store by store personnel. We began shopping while gawking at the paramedic activities. It turned out that a customer collapsed and depending on your source might have seized a little bit. He was able to stand by the time we saw him. The paramedics put him on a stretcher and wheeled him out of the store. It had the potential to be much more exciting that it actually was.

After shopping and purchasing we had a hearty meal at King’s Fish House. I had the Sanddabs, which may or may not be a real fish. Either way it was tasty. I also was compelled to taste the homemade clam chowder. Tasty!

On Saturday we purchased out first Christmas Tree as a married couple! (A couple of notes regarding the preceding sentence: the adjective ‘first’ was meant to modify ‘tree’ not ‘Christmas.’ Since we didn’t have a tree last year so this is our first tree together). Out tree is slightly petite, so we also purchased a small table for the tree to perch upon. Tree + table stands about 6 feet tall. We decorated the tree, and decorated our living room with all our Christmas knickknacks. That night we attended a friend’s Christmas party. We made gingerbread houses, ate hearty Christmas soup and played Christmas games! Yay!

On Sunday, it was Becky and My weekend to help with the technical crew, so I ran the technical director position for the main room, and Becky directed in Cornerstone Hall for our Overdrive service. After
Church we went back to Sharon’s for a bit of rest, met Blair and Sally (my brother-in-law and niece, respectively) and went to lunch at Souplantation. That evening, Sharon, Becky, John and I took Sally to Blair and Christie’s church, Mariner’s, to attend their tree-lighting ceremony. It was out on their grass courtyard area and there were tons of people there. We sang Christmas Carols and had a great time!

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